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when the Winchesters and Singer/Morgan gang all meet up together to go after Yellow Eyes : All in all it was like a mini family reunion with a side of trouble.



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This is a pbem (play by email) role playing game that is set in the first season of the ever popular television series "Supernatural" shown on the CW Network.  The show itself has gone into it's fifth (and hopefully not last!) season but we're retelling the story in an alternate universe (AU).  What if the brothers had gone on to a motel to rest up, instead of taking another case, and had found out there was some deadly going-ons in the city they were in? Someone or something has been killing hikers on a nearby cliff, and it's looking more and more like a wendigo is at the root of the problem and since the brothers had already gone up against one, they stood a better chance than most in taking care of the situation...


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Windego, Hookman.. and yellow eyed demon, oh my!  If the brothers aren't falling for one, they're tangling with the other!



TIme to recouperate after going up against that damned demon.  The Winchesters, family and friends do just that, but what kind of surprises are laying in wait for them?...

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